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Tecor began providing surface preparation and treatment services in January 1995 at the Lisnave Shipyards (Margueira, Mitrena, Rocha).


In 2000, Tecor and Lisnave established their Naval activity exclusively at the Mitrena shipyard.


                                                                    MAIN CLIENT:


Every type of vessels with all kind of dimensions (Crude oil tankers, LPG, cruise ships, bulk cargo carriers, among others).

PetrobrásPX Crude Oil Platform Repairs, 1997/98


Tecor also carries out activity overseas and is involved in works for the industry of which the following are noteworthy:


Landscape requalification  - Outão 2004 

Cement mixing building – Souselas, 2003

Hydrodemolition - Figueira da Foz, 2003

North and East Line Bridges, 2002 / 2003

Trafaria Installation, 2002  

‘Barracuda’ submarine – Lisbon, March / August 2002

Small Hydro Systems: Talhadas, 2001; Pagade, Paus and Vale Soeiro, 2003

Belver dam – Improvement of fixed parts, 2002

“Duarte Pacheco” viaduct – Hydrodemolition, April/June 2002

Anticorrosive protection of two travelifts, March/May 2001

Casa da Música, Oporto – Hydrodemolition, 2000

 - “Castelo de Bode” flood spillway gate – Repair and Anticorrosive protection. Hydroblasting, 2000

 - Hydroelectric-power plants  - “Douro” River, 1998/99.

“25 de Abril” Suspension Bridge – Lisbon, 1996/1997.

Telecommunications antenna - São Miguel (the Azores), 1996

Matosinhos refinery,1994.
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